Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 3!

Today, after having a leisurely breakfast at our hotel, we all piled into the bus and headed to the airport. After waiting 50 minutes for our delayed flight, we boarded our plane and headed for our next stop: Sydney! Upon arrival, we met our new tour guide, Julie, who we found to be very upbeat and energetic. We dropped off our baggage at the hotel and then headed to the Queen Victoria building for some shopping. We then all headed over to Woolsworth (which is the Australian version of Long's/Safeway's/Duane Reed) to buy ingredients for dinner, which we were going to cook in our apartment's kitchen. Monica, Paula and some friends went swimming while Virginia, Cam, Parisa, Madison, Laura, Anna and LoLo cooked a bountiful feast of pasta, salad, lemon chicken, garlic bread and sausage. Quite stuffed, we all went to bed.


The Australia Group

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